Valentine's Day 2013

February 14th.
The Day of  
In honor of the Big day I did a little crafting...

A little embroidery on felt with a sweet felt flower.  I chose to hang it from a knob on a dresser in my bedroom. 

It would also look super cute in a little girls room too- which is probably where it will go once Valentines is over because while it screams Valentines I think it's also super appropriate to hang out in Little Miss' room all year long.

She'll be excited.

Anything pink and frilly she's all about!

Of course my Valentine is the hubster.

I'd love to tell you that we have these Grand Valentine's Day plans but we just decided that what we really wanted to do was hang out at home with the kids and have a movie night.  We might do popcorn, but I might talk him into pizza!  Better yet...movie, pizza, aaaannd popcorn- My Valentine's day just got even better!!!
I made a card for him. 
Nothing too fancy.
Just a declaration of my love for him because he's only the best ever!
The one and only for me.
The one that God made for me.
We were destined to be together.
He's smart.
A fabulous father.
And he makes me happy.
I can't imagine my life without him.
I'm thankful for each moment with him.
This is for you Babe:
And this is just because I thought it was hilarious!

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  1. Pretty much. love you too valentine