Insta-Friday- Instagrammy Goodness

It's amazing how a picture can tell a story isn't it?
So here's some stories from our past week or so via Instagrammy Goodness...


Top Row L to R-

1)  I made these cute pillows for the kiddos- their filled with rice, and they are made to be put in the microwave to be warmed and then snuggled with.  While the kids were at school I pillow-napped them and then cozied up with them.  One on my feet and one in my arms!  It was rice-pillow heaven!

2) My pretty Hummus and veggie wrap- My body thanked me.

3)  The fun apron I made.  The colors make me happy.

Middle Row L to R-

1)  One of the necklaces that I made.  My craftiness has no limits- HA!

2)  The prettiest little Mardi Gras Princess in all the land!  Our town had a Mardi Gras Parade and Little Miss had the best time catching beads and candy (except for the five minute meltdown she had- she loved it).  She danced in the street and had a big time!

3)  My Happy "Good Morning" cup that I got from Target.  It just makes me smile and have a Happy day.

Bottom Row L to R-

1)  My "computer desk" consists of me sitting up on the bed with the computer in front of me and a baby in my lap these days.  I love it!

2)  The other cups at Target that were calling my name- because HELLO- they are my initials!  They're "Happy, Colorful, Initial Cups"- Target is so Awesome!

3)  When most people are sleeping at 4 a.m. in the morning- this is how my baby looks.  You should see how I look- It ain't pretty people.


It's so FUN!!!

And anytime I take a picture with me in it- those filters are SOOOO Forgiving!  It's awesome!

Find me on there- @thepurplecladjewel

It'll be Fun Times had by all!

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