Crafting and Cooking

My kiddos love to draw and craft- especially Little Miss.
The other night we pulled out the crayons, paints, colored pencils, paper, and stickers and let her go for it.

It's a great way for them to express their creativeness, and it's also a great way to entertain them while I do other things I need to do like- clean, cook, sew, nap and so on.

They Love it- I Love it- it's a win-win for everyone involved.

And I'm all for anything that let's them express themselves in safe, fun ways!

We keep all the kids crafting supplies in a craft closet that way it's all in one place and together when we need to pull it out.  I'd show you a picture but it ain't pretty- I'm not gonna lie.


After she crafted for a bit she strapped on the ole apron and helped her mama with some dinner.

We had Lentil Burritos.  They're our Vegetarian version of a burrito loaded up with taco seasoned ground beef.

Their Healthier- and frankly tastier if you ask me.

The recipe for the "meat" -Lentils is from All Recipes - you can find the recipe HERE.

I always make my own taco seasoning.  You can find a recipe for that on All Recipes also.

When the Lentils are ready take your Tortilla (in our case whole wheat) and place your lentil mixture in first and then top it with all your favorite burrito fillings! 

Ours included:  Chopped spinach, diced tomatoes, Chopped Cilantro, diced avocado, black olives, a little cheese, (Little Misses had sour cream), and salsa. 

Another great way to have these and really our favorite is Corn tortillas instead of whole wheat tortillas.

Place a small amount of Canola Oil in the bottom of a skillet heating it up and then fry those bad boys until slightly crispy (you'll have to fold them while cooking or they will get too crispy and they'll break when you try to fold them).

So Yummy!  And Pretty!!!

And there is no telling how many calories you are avoiding by going with this vegetarian option verses using ground beef- Not to mention (*Warning*- the following is my Hippy/Save the World Soap Box Rant)- This is about a billion times better for your heart and digestion- and it's about a billion times better on the environment.  (*Stepping off Soap Box*).

Enjoying the fruits of her labor... and believe me- if this one enjoys them- You will too!


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