I'm Taking It All Off...

My hair that is.

I got my hair cut the other day.

It looks something like this...

I'm hating it.
Don't get me wrong- it's a great cut.
It just doesn't look good on me.
Something about the front being longer than the back is making my face look too long and my nose look to skinny (and long).
I wish I could pull off long, flowing, wavy locks.
Something like this maybe...

Ohhhh- or this...
I'm loving the bangs!!!
But no.
It would Never- I mean NEVER work.
My nose would look so Looonnnnggg and Skinny and my face would look like it went on for miles and miles...Scary.
I've excepted this about myself.
But I really thought that the cut I just got would be short enough.
I HAVE to have bangs because I'm a freak about my forehead having coverage- So I thought I'd be safe there too. 
But NO.
No.  I wasn't.
It's not okay.
It's a tragedy actually.
Something Must be done.
Here's the plan...
Love this.
and this.
Pink- "You're my new Hair Hero."
FYI- I'd totally do the blond if I could pull it off- but again- NO.

Oh yes.  I think I will.
So what do you think of my choices?
I've totally done the short before.  It looks good on me and makes me feel good.  I don't even know why I try to go longer.
I guess I just get bored?
Tired of having to get my hair cut every few weeks to keep up with the style?
Tired of looking like I stuck my finger in a light socket while I was sleeping each morning?  Most Definitely.
Tired of forking over the hubster's hard earned cash more often?
It's probably a combination of all of the above.
The hubster prefers my hair short like these choices actually. Crazy right?.! Most guys are like-
Insert whining voice-..."Keep your hair long! It's sexier that way."
My man just knows whats up.
What can I say?.
So- It's on my to-do list for the week.  Get a Haircut.
Consider it- did.

On a completely different note-

I'm working on some new projects.
Hence- the fabric explosion taking place in my living room right now...

We live in a 2 bedroom house.

Five of us.
+ the Smelly Beast -aka-our basset hound- see her up there?  She smells.  Like all the time.
It's tight to say the least.

Unfortunately I don't have any pretty pictures of a pretty craft room to show you.
I wish I did- because it can get pretty wild when Mama starts crafting.
So I've been putting it off.

However- the time has come to get it DONE.

They're going to be bags in case you were wondering (and even if you weren't- I told you anyway)...

Loving Little Baby G's fabric for her new bag...

 Once the above is done I'm searching for my next project...

This one is full of some serious gems...

What do you read for inspiration?

I start getting with it- TOMORROW.

I'll take pictures. 

Don't worry.

I'm linking up with Seriously Shawn for Talk To Us Tuesday (even though technically it's Monday) again this week...

Seriously Shawn

Click on the link and go check it out- It's good fun and anything goes!

Well- Until tomorrow- Goodnight!


Insta-Friday- Instagrammy Goodness

It's amazing how a picture can tell a story isn't it?
So here's some stories from our past week or so via Instagrammy Goodness...


Top Row L to R-

1)  I made these cute pillows for the kiddos- their filled with rice, and they are made to be put in the microwave to be warmed and then snuggled with.  While the kids were at school I pillow-napped them and then cozied up with them.  One on my feet and one in my arms!  It was rice-pillow heaven!

2) My pretty Hummus and veggie wrap- My body thanked me.

3)  The fun apron I made.  The colors make me happy.

Middle Row L to R-

1)  One of the necklaces that I made.  My craftiness has no limits- HA!

2)  The prettiest little Mardi Gras Princess in all the land!  Our town had a Mardi Gras Parade and Little Miss had the best time catching beads and candy (except for the five minute meltdown she had- she loved it).  She danced in the street and had a big time!

3)  My Happy "Good Morning" cup that I got from Target.  It just makes me smile and have a Happy day.

Bottom Row L to R-

1)  My "computer desk" consists of me sitting up on the bed with the computer in front of me and a baby in my lap these days.  I love it!

2)  The other cups at Target that were calling my name- because HELLO- they are my initials!  They're "Happy, Colorful, Initial Cups"- Target is so Awesome!

3)  When most people are sleeping at 4 a.m. in the morning- this is how my baby looks.  You should see how I look- It ain't pretty people.


It's so FUN!!!

And anytime I take a picture with me in it- those filters are SOOOO Forgiving!  It's awesome!

Find me on there- @thepurplecladjewel

It'll be Fun Times had by all!


Valentine's Day 2013

February 14th.
The Day of  
In honor of the Big day I did a little crafting...

A little embroidery on felt with a sweet felt flower.  I chose to hang it from a knob on a dresser in my bedroom. 

It would also look super cute in a little girls room too- which is probably where it will go once Valentines is over because while it screams Valentines I think it's also super appropriate to hang out in Little Miss' room all year long.

She'll be excited.

Anything pink and frilly she's all about!

Of course my Valentine is the hubster.

I'd love to tell you that we have these Grand Valentine's Day plans but we just decided that what we really wanted to do was hang out at home with the kids and have a movie night.  We might do popcorn, but I might talk him into pizza!  Better yet...movie, pizza, aaaannd popcorn- My Valentine's day just got even better!!!
I made a card for him. 
Nothing too fancy.
Just a declaration of my love for him because he's only the best ever!
The one and only for me.
The one that God made for me.
We were destined to be together.
He's smart.
A fabulous father.
And he makes me happy.
I can't imagine my life without him.
I'm thankful for each moment with him.
This is for you Babe:
And this is just because I thought it was hilarious!


Link Party- Talk To Us Tuesdays

Seriously Shawn

So way back in the day when I was still a blogging rookie I made some friends in the blogging world through some link up parties.  One of those friends was Shawn over at Seriously Shawn.  We would hang out every Monday during Friend Makin' Mondays. 
I however was a blogging slacker and what started as me being burnt out and slacking turned into me completely leaving the blog world for a while,
I'm back Blog World!!!  (*Insert your Whoops and Cheers here*)
and I'm linking up with Shawn again for her Talk to Us Tuesdays.
I think I'm allowed to talk about whatever is on my mind...
So here it goes-
I'm tired.
Like can't hardly hold my head up- tired to the bone- tired.
This waking up in the middle of the night 2 or 3 times to change and feed a baby while having 2 older kids as well is about to kill me.
I think all this talk of a Zombie Apocalypse is really just a bunch of sleep deprived mothers teaming up and wigging out because they are so freaking tired they decide they won't take any ones crap anymore.
Because- I'm not going to lie- I've seen a couple of zombie movies- and I'm thinking I could pass for one these days.
I'm not even sure if I brushed my hair today (that's a lie- I actually know I didn't).
I'm also ashamed to say that I pretty much am living in my sweats and pajama pants right now. 
It's really kind of sad.
I should be ashamed.
I should do better.
I should try harder to make myself more presentable.
I should at least put on my nice sweats- sheesh!
But the harsh reality is:
I'm too tired to care.
Here's where I'm at:

Scary right?!.
All I know is this:
I am tired.
But I love my babies.
I love their sweet smiles.
I love their sweet cuddles.
I love their sweet noises.
I love being a mom.
And tired or not...
It's ALL worth it.
Every single big bag under each eye is SO worth it.
That's what I know.
Now I have to go.
The babies asleep and I have about 2 hours tops to get some sleep- Wish me luck.



Mardi Gras In Our Own Backyard

We live in the cutest little. 

Funnest little. 

Artsiest little. 

Hippest little town I know.

Every year our town has a Mardi Gras Parade.  We're talkin'...

Bead throwing...
Candy throwing...
Coin throwing...
Float riding...
Crazy outfit wearing...
Maybe even some Boobie flashing, but not that I saw.

It's wild.
It's Fun.

We went.

Loaded up the kids.
Strapped on the baby.

We were there.

Little Miss was so patient waiting for the parade to start.

Lot's of people in our little town- Literally- "Crazy Town".

No she's not dressed up for Mardi Gras- She's just a rock star and she dresses herself everyday- and I'm the totally awesome lazy mom that let's her.  (FYI- this is a judgement free zone people.)

And just for good measure...Soccer shoes.  I mean you just never know when a game might break out.  Not to mention the laces match the skirt- that's just Fashion 101 for those of you that don't know.

Little Miss was getting a little Frumpy because some of the floats didn't throw her anything even though she was waving super BIG.

The frumpiness was followed by the actual melt down...

The boys kept on smiling though...

Remember those crazy outfits I mentioned...

Little Man saw his sweet friend in the parade...

Crazy outfit award goes to... (Little Miss wasn't sure what to think about this guy)

Did you celebrate Mardi Gras? 

It was pretty fun!

Hope your weekend was great too!!!


Random Goodness

Good Morning!!!

How Cute is this mug?!  Even if I'm not having a great morning I just can't help getting happier when I start drinking from this bad boy!

Thank You Target!

Little Baby G is a little confused about her day and nights so I'm not going to lie when I say I've been a little tired here lately.  The other night I think I even caught her laughing at me...True story.

She's so cute though.  I really couldn't ask for a cuter and sweeter gal to hang out with in the wee hours of the morning.

I just want to kiss those sweet little lips!  However we are only kissing on the heads around her lately.  With all the flu and mess going around this mama has been a nervous, germafobe, crazed person!  If it can be sprayed with Lysol- it's been sprayed around here!

Have I mentioned how stinkin' funny this one is?...

She's funny!  and man does she keep us hoppin'!  Look at that smile- doesn't she just look like trouble!

With Valentine's coming up I'm planning on doing some fun crafts with the kiddos.  So come back and check it out!

Have a Happy day!


Crafting and Cooking

My kiddos love to draw and craft- especially Little Miss.
The other night we pulled out the crayons, paints, colored pencils, paper, and stickers and let her go for it.

It's a great way for them to express their creativeness, and it's also a great way to entertain them while I do other things I need to do like- clean, cook, sew, nap and so on.

They Love it- I Love it- it's a win-win for everyone involved.

And I'm all for anything that let's them express themselves in safe, fun ways!

We keep all the kids crafting supplies in a craft closet that way it's all in one place and together when we need to pull it out.  I'd show you a picture but it ain't pretty- I'm not gonna lie.


After she crafted for a bit she strapped on the ole apron and helped her mama with some dinner.

We had Lentil Burritos.  They're our Vegetarian version of a burrito loaded up with taco seasoned ground beef.

Their Healthier- and frankly tastier if you ask me.

The recipe for the "meat" -Lentils is from All Recipes - you can find the recipe HERE.

I always make my own taco seasoning.  You can find a recipe for that on All Recipes also.

When the Lentils are ready take your Tortilla (in our case whole wheat) and place your lentil mixture in first and then top it with all your favorite burrito fillings! 

Ours included:  Chopped spinach, diced tomatoes, Chopped Cilantro, diced avocado, black olives, a little cheese, (Little Misses had sour cream), and salsa. 

Another great way to have these and really our favorite is Corn tortillas instead of whole wheat tortillas.

Place a small amount of Canola Oil in the bottom of a skillet heating it up and then fry those bad boys until slightly crispy (you'll have to fold them while cooking or they will get too crispy and they'll break when you try to fold them).

So Yummy!  And Pretty!!!

And there is no telling how many calories you are avoiding by going with this vegetarian option verses using ground beef- Not to mention (*Warning*- the following is my Hippy/Save the World Soap Box Rant)- This is about a billion times better for your heart and digestion- and it's about a billion times better on the environment.  (*Stepping off Soap Box*).

Enjoying the fruits of her labor... and believe me- if this one enjoys them- You will too!