Birthday Girl

Little Miss had a birthday yesterday.
She's 5 now.
She's smart.  She's Funny.  She's full of more sass than you could ever think possible. 
She is the best cuddler in the world, gives the sweetest kisses, and can put me to sleep by playing with my hair.
She loves school, and makes friends easily and willingly.
She loves to eat popcorn and watch movies. 
She loves to stick her head under the water at bath time just to see if she can hear anything.
She picks out her own clothes.  They never match, and they're always colorful.
She makes me happy.  She helps me see how blessed I am.  She makes me enjoy life and see the joy in the small things.
She's kind, and loving, and sweet.
She's growing up too fast.  I want to freeze time and keep her just how she is forever. 
We love her so much.
Happy Birthday Little Miss.


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