Prom- Who's A Wonderful Aunt? Me!!!

So it's prom season and yours truly has been super busy Promming it up doing hair and makeup for my nieces.
I don't know if you're aware of this or not, but I have my cosmetology licence.
I try not to advertise this info too much.
So- shhhhh!!!  Don't tell anyone.
I love prom. 
I'd like to go again actually- To my own.
As a matter of fact- a few years ago- I put together an Adult Prom.
Rented out space
Cheesy Photo Backdrop
Fancy Dresses
There were even a couple of corsages present
I mean- getting dressed up, having fancy hair and makeup- what's not to like!
As I write I'm already thinking it might have to be done again- only this time I'm thinking-
80's Prom!!!
My husband will be so excited (she said thick with sarcasm)!
Anyhoo- My niece looked lovely- I'm an awesome aunt- I'm just sayin'.

Hair bow made out of her hair...

Her and her Mimi (my lovely mama)...

Her, her sweet little sister, and her amazing mother w/my newest niece nice and snug in her tummy (my sister-in-law - my brother out did himself when he married her- just sayin')...

She said Prom was a Smashing Success-
With fabulous hair and makeup to help her dance her night away!!!




I told you about -


I don't know.

Forever ago-

That I'd post some pictures from our Easter.

However- I'm just now getting around to it.


Anyhoo- Better late than never- (the motto I live by).

Little Miss had a big Easter Egg hunt at school.  She was very excited about the goodies in her eggs.  I'm not going to lie- there was chocolate- so I was pretty stoked too.
Because I looooovvvveee her soooooo much- I decided to take her a fun treat.  The smile she gave me was so worth it!
On the Saturday before Easter we headed to great grandma's and grandpa's for egg decorating, an egg hunt, and some other fun family stuff.
Aunt Lai and Little Miss...
Egg decorating...
Everyone joined in...
Egg hunt...

After the egg hunt we had our First Annual Family Egg Throwing Contest
The Hubsters throw...

My throw...
I totally won the girls competition!  Oh Yeah!!!  Look at that form!
I won a gift card for McDonalds. 
Little Man won the gift card for the kiddos.
We totally represented! 
The hubster did not win.
However- there was a college baseball player there so I'll cut him some slack.
The Family...

Easter morning goodies... When I went back to look at my pictures of the morning I realized Little Man was in his undies- so none of him- Bummer.
The Fam...
 My littles...
My reality...
Little Miss Cutie Pie and The VERY handsome hubbinator...
The hubs with his brother and sister...
We clean up pretty good right?!.
It was a Fabulous Easter.
The BEST part?...
Have a great day!


Fun Times With Little Miss Cranky Pants

I feel like I've been super busy here lately, but in all honesty I'm not sure I have anything to show for my busyness. 
How does that happen?
Little Man is playing soccer, baseball, is busy with homework, church, and has been playing basketball like crazy!
Just keeping up with him is wearing me out- add a 5 year old Little Miss Sassy Pants, a busy hubby, and a newborn to the mix and it's Crazy Town to the max around here!
However, even with all the busyness we've managed to find a few moments for some fun...
I just love Little Miss' style...
Here lately you won't find this guy doing anything else but playing some sort of sport. 
Think of the most competitive person you know- now mutliply by 10 and that's this guy...

His form is coming on pretty nicely...

This girl can get MEGA frumpy in no time flat.
She wants what she wants and if it doesn't go just so- usually a melt down is soon to follow.
It starts like this:
Usually includes some of this:
And usually ends in some of this: 
Luckily it wasn't anything a yummy snack couldn't fix!

That face...

And this one...

They make my heart melt.

Thank goodness for the moments when we get to slow down and I get to really enjoy my munchkins!

I'm one lucky mama!



Craft It Up Little Miss Style

How was your weekend?
Ours has been Lovely.
I started running two weeks ago with a friend.  So my Saturday morning started with a nice run.
Me and the two girls then loaded up and headed over to my brother's to fix my sweet niece and the hubster's super cute little cousin up for prom.  I did their hair and makeup- and if I do say so myself- they looked smokin' hot. 
Thank you very much.
We came home after that and found the boys watching the Final Four.
Church this morning.
I love our church.  It is full of the most wonderful people.  People who love their Savior Jesus Christ and love to fellowship together and love each other.  It's awesome to be a part of!
I do have some pictures of the prom festivities- they'll come later. 
Who knows.
Just later.
I do however have some fun pictures from some fun craft time with Little Miss.
She loves to paint.
Forever ago she found this big, flat rock, and she's been begging me to paint it ever since.
We finally got around to it.

I love how she loves color!  Every color of the rainbow- and she's not afraid to slap some of each all over the place!

That's my girl!


All that bright color just makes me happy...

While she was at it she decided to go ahead and decorate the plate too.

It's beautiful isn't it?!.  She's quite the artist in the making.  Some day when she's famous this rock will sell for millions.

I have an eye for these things.

I love to let the kiddos paint and express themselves.  It's good for them to go wild sometimes and to create!
Speaking of creating-
I plan on starting a Link Party for Wednesdays

 Crafts, Decorating, Baking, Cooking, Exercising-
Whatever you've found on Pinterest that you've been meaning to do, but you just haven't gotten around to doing because you're too busy pinning more stuff. 
Well here's your chance to get it DONE!
Make a tutorial on how you did your project
Show some pictures of your project
Talk about your project
Show a picture of your inspiration project off of Pinterest
Starting this Wednesday- April 10th
See you There!!!


Instagram Mania

We had a wonderful Easter! 

I hope you guys did too!

I did however leave my camera behind at my Grandmother-in-laws so pictures of the fun event will have to come later.

Boo!- I know right?.  You were so looking forward to seeing them.  I get it.  And I don't blame you.  Honestly I'm looking forward to showing them to you.  I wore a dress and but on makeup and everything!  It was Crazy Town to the max!

But that is for another time and another place.  Well another time anyway.

But right now it's time for Instagram Mania-!

That's right! 

Insta-Friday with Life Rearranged...

So let's get started...
Middle Picture:
Baby G is starting to smile like Crazy!  Love me some baby dimples!
Starting in the top left hand corner going clockwise:
1)  A lovely picture of our dinner!  We had African theme night here in our lovely home!  Capetown Fruit and Veggie Curry with a side of Cucumber Mint Refresher, homemade Ginger Soda to drink, and a South African Milk Tart for dessert!  Yummy!!!
We watched a movie about Africa, some music videos from the Lion King, and read some books, fiction and non-fiction, about Africa.  It was Awesome!
And Yes- you may use my idea for a fun filled, educational, family night.  You're welcome.
2)  Me and my peeps headed to Easter Dinner.
3)  I've started my post-baby working out.  This is what I look like laying on my yoga mat hoping someone will come along and put me out of my misery roll me to my bed.
4)  Got all my hair chopped off!  Oh Happy, Happy Day!
5)  Little Man is such a good guy- He let his baby sister paint his face up all fancy with some pretty makeup.  He'd make a very pretty girl.  His sister was very excited about the entire event- He's the man!
6)  The Ole' Blog got a fancy new makeover- Isn't it pretty?!!!  Head on over to see my designer- Tiffany at Tiffany Kuehl Design!  She was unbelievable to work with!  She's the bomb diggity!
7)  Baby G got all bundled for one of our outings!  She's so chubby I just want to pinch those cheeks and steal all her kisses!!!
8)  After running in 28 degree weather I was feeling like a rock star and having a good morning- and wishing everyone the same!
That's what's been going down around here brought to you in all it's Instagrammy Glory!
Head on over and join the Par-Tay!
And come find me on Instagram!  I'm THEPURPLECLADJEWEL!!!