Mardi Gras In Our Own Backyard

We live in the cutest little. 

Funnest little. 

Artsiest little. 

Hippest little town I know.

Every year our town has a Mardi Gras Parade.  We're talkin'...

Bead throwing...
Candy throwing...
Coin throwing...
Float riding...
Crazy outfit wearing...
Maybe even some Boobie flashing, but not that I saw.

It's wild.
It's Fun.

We went.

Loaded up the kids.
Strapped on the baby.

We were there.

Little Miss was so patient waiting for the parade to start.

Lot's of people in our little town- Literally- "Crazy Town".

No she's not dressed up for Mardi Gras- She's just a rock star and she dresses herself everyday- and I'm the totally awesome lazy mom that let's her.  (FYI- this is a judgement free zone people.)

And just for good measure...Soccer shoes.  I mean you just never know when a game might break out.  Not to mention the laces match the skirt- that's just Fashion 101 for those of you that don't know.

Little Miss was getting a little Frumpy because some of the floats didn't throw her anything even though she was waving super BIG.

The frumpiness was followed by the actual melt down...

The boys kept on smiling though...

Remember those crazy outfits I mentioned...

Little Man saw his sweet friend in the parade...

Crazy outfit award goes to... (Little Miss wasn't sure what to think about this guy)

Did you celebrate Mardi Gras? 

It was pretty fun!

Hope your weekend was great too!!!

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