Instagrammy Goodness

You might not be aware of this, but I'm addicted to Instagram.  
Here's some of this past weeks Instagram fun.
Top Row- L to R:  
Little Miss dresses herself everyday, and Never, I mean NEVER, fully matches.  I choose to let her go for it.  She's a sassy mess and will freak if she has to wear something that she's not all about.  So I say express yourself girlfriend and be my guest because frankly I have bigger fish to fry in the mornings- like teeth brushing, hair brushing, lunch making, blasting with dynamite getting her brother out of bed, and so on.
Me and Little Man acting silly after church.
Me and Baby Girl working on the blog, my new Etsy Shop, and stealing each others cuddles.  Okay, you got me.  Really it was just me stealing hers.
Middle Row- L to R
She makes me laugh.
Two weeks out from having a baby and the pre-pregnancy skinnies buttoned up.  Oh yeah!...!  I'm choosing to say buttoned up instead of fit because I feel like "fit" might be a stretch.
4 a.m.- and she's wide awake- like- Every night.  However, the house is quiet and she's all mine to snuggle up with.  Who knew I could be so happy about being woken up at 4 a.m.. 
Bottom Row- L to R:
Little Miss got some makeup from her amazing Nana for her 5th birthday.  She's made sure I've rocked this hot pink lipstick every since.
70 degrees in January, which totally freaks me out btw...but we totally made the most of it.
The Smelly Beast loves her some Little Man.
Do you Instagram?  Well you totally should.  It's way fun and all the cool kids are doing it.  HA!
You can find me on there @THEPURPLECLADJEWEL. 
Go get your Instagram on, and Have a Happy Day!

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