Not A Morning Person...

So apparently there's a limit to most things.

That includes Little Miss Thing's joyful, upbeat, happy personality.

From the hours of asleep to not fully awake there seems to be a window when frumpy and moody reign.

Somebody's apparently not a morning person.

P.S.  All of these pictures were taken in between her telling me to get off her bed so she could go back to sleep.  Whoa girl.  Keep it together.

Even cranky and bent out of shape she's so cute.  If she doesn't want me hovering over her trying to take her picture, bright and early, while she's still trying to sleep, then she needs to reign in the cute- Seriously kid...Sheesh.

Don't worry, within minutes of these pictures she was wide awake, in the kitchen, climbing on the counters, helping herself to the bananas, back to her usual happy self.  All was right with the world.



Summer Dayz...

In an attempt to get outdoors this summer despite the south's heat and humidity I talked the hubster into getting a pool membership.

It's been totally worth it.

The kids are getting some exercise, playing with other kids, getting some vitamin D, and becoming better swimmers.  We've met new people, had some great conversations, and enjoyed each other as a family.

And I've totally mastered packing a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  So there's that.

This girl is so funny.  She has met more people at the pool than the rest of the family combined.  She just walks right up in the middle of groups, introduces herself, and makes life long friends.  She's the best.  I've said it before and I'll say it again-  I hope she stays this personable and friendly forever.  She challenges me to be a kinder, friendlier, more joyful person without even knowing she is.  Love. Her.

Dives are being mastered...

Boys...are weird, but I just love him so much in spite of all the weirdness.

Did I mention that half the time we're the only ones there?  So it's like having our own personal pool that I never have to clean or manage... It's the only way to go.

Never leave your camera lying around...

He'll regret this picture when I show it at his wedding someday.  #paybackbymom

Other than swimming not much has been going on.  The kids have been reading and playing piano.  Kane's become a master lawn mower- Yay for that.

Our sweet neighbor surprised Ruthie with a Fairy House hidden in our yard the other day- so fun!

We've been taking care of babies- our own and fostered- diaper changes, bottle feedings, and nursing, baths, and cuddles...it's very glamorous.

Our sweet little, foster baby is beautiful and sweet.  Please continue to pray for her and her family.  We've been so blessed by the outpouring of love that's been shown to our family since bringing her home- meals, gifts, friends coming over to hold and cuddle babies and the big kids while I shower and get some things done.  We even had a group of ladies we did not know bring us a weeks worth of meals and buy us some groceries.  It's been challenging to say the least, but already the blessings have outweighed the struggles. God is beyond good!

Happy Summer and Blessings,


Forever Ago Birthday Party...Oops.

Forever ago we held Ruthie's birthday party.  

It was a girly, vintage inspired, outdoor tea party with fancy attire preferred and finger foods and lemonade for all. And of course cake- A Giant. Pink.Cake.

Each girl received a bag of goodies with their name on it that doubled as place settings.

I  basically stripped my house of decorations and took them all outside for this shindig.  Nothing but the gift bags and the goodies in the gift bags were purchased (and the food of course).

We served turkey and cheese on croissants, cheese puffs, veggies, and lemonade in mason jars.

No girly party would be complete without a ginormous pink cake- Ombre for the win!!!

Little Sister was in sugar-coma bliss- No nap, all the sugar she could hold- it was like a dream come true. When the melt down finally came I knew the party had been a huge success- lol.




Hair Growing and Photo Shoots...

Little Miss Thing is finally growing some hair!  After a year or so of her pulling her own hair out she has finally broken free of that horrible habit!  Yay!  There's even enough for a bow!

Blond?  Where did that come from?  But it's so sweet and cute!  And as we go to the pool it gets blonder and blonder!

The other day we had a little impromptu photo shoot...

Dirty feet and all...

That smile completely cracks me up...

I want to bite that face...

What most of the pictures really looked like...

She really was having fun- Ha!...

Little Girl- I love you so!  Beautiful inside and out and so kind and full of joy!  I pray for you to love God and to know Jesus in a way that your little heart can't help but explode from the love that grows through that knowledge of him!

She's so busy and fun.  I just love her!




Summer of Awesome- Still Awesome...

H-man is getting so big.  

He started crawling over the past few weeks.  Eight months old.  I can't even wrap my mind around it!

He is so cute and funny.  A mouth full of teeth and the worst napper on the planet...not cool.

His big brother spoils him rotten and is turning him into a spoiled monster who thinks he has to be held around the clock.

But that face though...

Little Miss Thing is into everything.  Why do they call it the Terrible-twos?  It should be the into everything and too much energy Threes.  She's so funny though, and might be the friendliest child ever.  I hope she stays that way forever.

Those eyes...

Love her...

Why is he wearing this vest?  It's like 100 degrees outside.  So strange.

I took this girl for ice cream the other night and it basically took her like an hour to eat a bowl of ice cream that was about half the size of mine.  I asked her why it was taking so long and she told me she wanted to savor every bite.  It's like she's her father in a female, younger, smaller body- bizarre.

He just crawls around making messes the whole way.

Summer of Awesome is turning out pretty awesome.

However, I'm not actually getting any of the things I originally set out to do done.

We finally got certified to Foster and we've had three babies all under three weeks old in our home over the last few weeks since summer started.

Right now we have a sweet baby girl.  Please pray for us as we walk this path God has brought us to.

Pray that:

-We will be the family she needs right now and love her the way God has called us to love.

-Her family will receive the help that they need, and that hopefully we can love on and encourage them in the process.

-For her to continue to be healthy.

-For our own children to embrace her and to love her without any holding back.

-Most importantly- For God's will to be done and for us to obey and trust that His plan is always best no matter what.

So obviously Summer of Awesome has taken on a different look than I originally planned- Less reading and sewing and more diaper changes and bottle feedings.  But ultimately I hoped that this summer would be Summer of Sharing the Gospel.  What a better platform to open conversation with tons of people- than when they look at me like I'm crazy for having two babies under the age of one and three others for a total of five kids.

"Hey person- it's a God thing.  Let me tell you how awesome He is."