Not Very Truthful


I told you that I was going to have all my stuff up in my Etsy Shop yesterday.

I lied.

I'm sorry.

Have I mentioned that I just had a baby 2 weeks ago.

I'm nursing.  I'm staying up a lot during the night.  I'm not always getting that nap I need.  Sometimes I am napping.  I have 2 older kids.  The list could go on and on really- however, I won't bore you with the details of why I'm slacking in the getting my stuff into my Etsy Shop category.

Let's just say I got busy, as most mom's do, and leave it at that.

I do however have some lovely pictures of some of the beautiful items that will be going into the Shop.

So for your viewing pleasure- Here you go (Warning*- Lots of pictures to follow*):


The Rainbow Necklace is a lot of fun.  Don't you think?

And the Turquoise and Yellow piece is one that could really be worn so many ways!  Casual- Formal- Day- Night- Work- Going out- The skies the limit!

So really! - Check back at the shop tomorrow for these pieces to be posted with info and prices.  That's tomorrow's BIG Goal!

So, obviously I've been doing a few other things this weekend instead of the one thing I said I was going to do.

We live in a great little town.  Tons of art, galleries, shops, restaurants, and Always something going on!  Saturday night we headed downtown to a Mardi Gras Parade.

Remember when I mentioned that I always let Little Miss dress herself?... Nice right?!.

She loves this hat because it looks like she has long hair.  Her mean mama makes her cut it in the cute little bob w/ bangs.  Dont' judge me- when she's older she can decide for herself people.

Side by side we waited patiently for the parade to start.

Candy and Beads were thrown.  Poor Little Man waved and waved and they hardly ever threw the little guy anything.  Luckily the sweet couple we were sitting by kept giving the kids their beads and candy.

On the way back to the car Little Miss kept admiring all the pretty store fronts.  This one was her favorite because of the big necklaces.

Sunday we went outside and Little Miss had a big time climbing in the tree out front.  Yes she wore her church dress.  Who doesn't let their kids climb trees in fancy dresses and panty hose?!  Oh- you don't?  Interesting.

Little Man and his daddy played a little wiffle ball.  He throws a mean curve ball.

While taking pictures of the mean wiffle ball game I heard a yell and turned around to find Little Miss hanging upside down in the tree with her foot stuck and her undies flashing to the whole neighborhood!  But of course before I saved her I had to take a picture.

And of course no wiffle ball game is complete without a lesson at the end- Right?!

I of course dressed up for the occasion (I hope none of the neighbors saw me).  I did not however wear these to church- although- I wish I could have!

It was a great weekend!  Little Man's Raven's won the Super Bowl!
What did you do?

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