Prom- Who's A Wonderful Aunt? Me!!!

So it's prom season and yours truly has been super busy Promming it up doing hair and makeup for my nieces.
I don't know if you're aware of this or not, but I have my cosmetology licence.
I try not to advertise this info too much.
So- shhhhh!!!  Don't tell anyone.
I love prom. 
I'd like to go again actually- To my own.
As a matter of fact- a few years ago- I put together an Adult Prom.
Rented out space
Cheesy Photo Backdrop
Fancy Dresses
There were even a couple of corsages present
I mean- getting dressed up, having fancy hair and makeup- what's not to like!
As I write I'm already thinking it might have to be done again- only this time I'm thinking-
80's Prom!!!
My husband will be so excited (she said thick with sarcasm)!
Anyhoo- My niece looked lovely- I'm an awesome aunt- I'm just sayin'.

Hair bow made out of her hair...

Her and her Mimi (my lovely mama)...

Her, her sweet little sister, and her amazing mother w/my newest niece nice and snug in her tummy (my sister-in-law - my brother out did himself when he married her- just sayin')...

She said Prom was a Smashing Success-
With fabulous hair and makeup to help her dance her night away!!!


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