Fun Times With Little Miss Cranky Pants

I feel like I've been super busy here lately, but in all honesty I'm not sure I have anything to show for my busyness. 
How does that happen?
Little Man is playing soccer, baseball, is busy with homework, church, and has been playing basketball like crazy!
Just keeping up with him is wearing me out- add a 5 year old Little Miss Sassy Pants, a busy hubby, and a newborn to the mix and it's Crazy Town to the max around here!
However, even with all the busyness we've managed to find a few moments for some fun...
I just love Little Miss' style...
Here lately you won't find this guy doing anything else but playing some sort of sport. 
Think of the most competitive person you know- now mutliply by 10 and that's this guy...

His form is coming on pretty nicely...

This girl can get MEGA frumpy in no time flat.
She wants what she wants and if it doesn't go just so- usually a melt down is soon to follow.
It starts like this:
Usually includes some of this:
And usually ends in some of this: 
Luckily it wasn't anything a yummy snack couldn't fix!

That face...

And this one...

They make my heart melt.

Thank goodness for the moments when we get to slow down and I get to really enjoy my munchkins!

I'm one lucky mama!


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