Rock Star Soccer Player...

Little Man has really turned into a rock star of a soccer player.

He's a scoring machine!  But most importantly- He works really Hard!

He makes his mama proud!

I know I'm partial (and maybe it's wishful thinking)- but doesn't he just look athletic?...I'll answer for you:

Yes.  Yes he does.

What else have we been up to?...

Ahhh yes.

One night I got bored so I dyed both of my older children's hair. 

I might have done the baby's too but she was asleep.

(Before you pick up the phone and call me in- I'm just kidding about the baby.  Blue isn't her color anyway.)

First there was bleaching involved.

I can almost hear you gasping in shock.

But look how cute she was during the whole thing...

Now it's ready for some awesome blue color.

Did you think I was kidding about the blue color?

I. Was. Not. Kidding.

Little Man only got to wear his to school one day and then the next night he got it all buzzed done to the hair without blue on it.

Did I mention that their daddy wasn't home when this took place?

Well, he wasn't, and while he did handle the shock fairly well- I'm pretty sure we won't be doing blue on Little Man's hair again any time soon.  He wasn't quite as shocked by Little Miss'.


I forgot to take an after picture of Little Man's.

Isn't it so fun!

Maybe we'll do pink next time.

Just kidding Honey and Grandparents...you don't have to call me right after you read this.

I would never do pink anyway- she would look way better in PURPLE.


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