I'm sure you've done the math.

We have a lot of kids.

Including our sweet foster babe...5 to be exact.

So in order for things to run like a well oiled machine (Ha, yeah right) we require that our children do chores.

Usually they have really great attitudes about helping.  Especially since we have started fostering they have gone above and beyond to help.  We've seen so much maturity and growth in that area.  What a blessing!

However, sometimes the chores are a little too big for my Ellie Jane and she isn't happy about it.  She wants to help- Bless her!

Sissy wouldn't let her help put up the silverware...

It's so hard being three...

We have chickens.  They poop on my deck and dig up my yard.  Lucky for them I like eggs.

While Nolan and Kane were out of town a few weeks ago Ruthie got chicken duty.  Let's just say there are some chores she doesn't mind and chicken duty isn't on that list...

Ellie's such a good helper...

Sometimes too many eggs are carried and an egg gets dropped.  Sometimes it gets messy.  

But it's ok.  

We just pick up the mess and move on knowing that despite the mess, lessons were learned.

Here's a horrible metaphor for you...

We're like that broken, mess of an egg.  

We have fallen.

We are broken...

Praise the Lord, he came to clean up the mess and to set things right again


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