Summer Endings, New Beginnings...

What a great summer we've had!

And of course having family come visit always ups the fun factor!

My brother and his family came into town for a couple days.  We took them to the pool, and cooked them a genuine southern breakfast with cheese grits and all (by request by my sweet niece who had been here once before).

We also celebrated another of my brother's kiddos birthday while they were here.  She turned 3.  So we got real festive and stuck a candle in here grits.  Surely on a southern scale that's like a 10.  She was excited to have a candle to blow out and we were excited to celebrate her sweet, little life.  So Yay!

Cousins are the best...

Henry-man loves the water...

Kane is by far Henry's favorite.  It has been so awesome to see Kane take on such a big role in taking care of and loving on our little guy.  I just know they will grow up with a special bond.  It's so neat to watch it forming.

Well, we start school tomorrow so summer is officially over.  Boo.

Lot's of things going on now that things are getting started though...

Children's choir
Swimming tryouts
Henry has an upcoming ear surgery (tubes)
Dentist appointments
Well child checkups
Nolan's starting up another semester of Seminary
Youth Bible study
I'm teaching 3rd and 4th grade Sunday School

It seems like the list goes on and on, but what a blessing to be a part of a big family with a great husband and five awesome kids that keep me busy!  I'll take it any day!

Praying and Hoping that everyone has an fabulous school year with lot's of wonderful opportunities to tell others about how unbelievably awesome Jesus is!


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