Not A Morning Person...

So apparently there's a limit to most things.

That includes Little Miss Thing's joyful, upbeat, happy personality.

From the hours of asleep to not fully awake there seems to be a window when frumpy and moody reign.

Somebody's apparently not a morning person.

P.S.  All of these pictures were taken in between her telling me to get off her bed so she could go back to sleep.  Whoa girl.  Keep it together.

Even cranky and bent out of shape she's so cute.  If she doesn't want me hovering over her trying to take her picture, bright and early, while she's still trying to sleep, then she needs to reign in the cute- Seriously kid...Sheesh.

Don't worry, within minutes of these pictures she was wide awake, in the kitchen, climbing on the counters, helping herself to the bananas, back to her usual happy self.  All was right with the world.


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