The Lake...

While we were back home back in July we were able to go with Nolan's grandparents and that side of the family to the lake for the day.

It's always so much fun spending time with them.  They laugh, play games, tell stories... it's a blessing, and we are so thankful for each of them.

While at the lake we were able to swim (at least the kids did, because it was cold and rainy), ride jet skis, and ride behind the boat on tubes.  Here's our day in photos...

The Kane-man was a little bent out of shape that I made him wear a life jacket for swimming... sorry dude...

I think she gets cuter every day...


She's so pretty- inside and out.

Grandpa Doyle and the Henry-man are big buddies...

Cousin Landry is tons of fun!  She loves our babies and I miss her loads.

These two on a jet ski together is scary I'm not going to lie.  They like to live on the edge... I do not.

She thought she was so big getting to ride a tube.
I thought she was to little to be riding a tube.

Obviously I was outvoted.


*insert eye roll...

My one request about riding the jet ski was to ride but not get wet.  We got too far out when a storm came up on us.  I was pretty sure we were going to get killed by lightening out on the water.  My life flashed before my eyes.

Ellie might as well be a professional cake decorator.  I mean who doesn't love all their sprinkles in one, giant, pile right in the middle of their cake?

We love us some family and had a blast hanging out.

We are blessed with so much family.  They all love us and bless us each in their own ways.  I wish we were able to see them more often, but now that we live away it's just not possible, but the time we do get to spend with them is all the more sweet and special.  God is good and he went above and beyond when he blessed us with family!

Our summer was busy, but oh so good!

We are almost done with our first week of school!  I can't even believe it!  Pictures of that to come!


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