Spring Door Wreath Tutorial


So we just got back from our Spring Break.

We went to our parents'.

We had fun!

There was tons of eating, movie watching, visiting, cooking, and even a cookout.

However- Baby Girl, Little Miss, and myself were all sick.


We're on the mend though- so Yay!!!

Here is a Wreath Tutorial that I made a couple of weeks ago.

What you'll need:

3 inch Strips of your favorite fabrics- any colors- I chose rainbow colors
Fabric scraps- different colors and sizes
A Styrofoam wreath- any size- You pick
Hot glue gun
Maybe a sewing machine (depending on how you choose to make your flowers)

It will look like a big mess getting started:

Start by wrapping your fabric pieces on one at a time.  I only glued every so often and only on the back side of the wreath to keep from having glue lumps on the front.  You don't have to glue every square inch of fabric- just every so often.

It will look like this when you're done wrapping your fabric:

Once you are done wrapping your wreath with fabric you can make your fabric flowers.  I used Cotton, Burlap, and some felt for my flowers.  I apologize that I forgot to take pictures while I was making mine. 

Bummer I know right?!  Ha!

I'll make some more soon and post a tutorial for them.

Some are done with a sewing machine and then I pulled the tread to pull all the fabric to the center making the pleated "flower" look.  The cheetah print one I twisted fabric hot gluing it to a round piece of felt as I twisted.  The centers of most of the flowers are just round, cut out pieces of fabric with buttons that I sewed thread into and then glued on. 

Let your imagination take you anywhere you want on this part!

Use plastic flowers, fabric flowers, plastic berries- Go wild!

I'm not totally happy with my end project, but overall it turned out okay.

I was going for Spring-y and I feel like I achieved that.

I found this idea on Pinterest.  The original idea was a wreath wrapped with yarn and it's tutorial can be found HERE at My Little Corner Of The World:

It's way cuter than mine.
I tried to add some plastic flowers to mine like she did and just couldn't get it to work.
Oh well. 
No worries!
Give it a try, and be sure to leave me a comment letting me know if you tried it out and what ideas you had to make it even better!  And if you post about it- Leave me a link back to your post!  I'd love to see what you came up with!
I can't think of a better way to bring in Spring that to do it with a colorful Spring Wreath on your front door!

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