Spring Break Funk

For Spring Break we headed over to visit our parents.
My sister was coming in so we decided to make a week of it.
Baby Girl got sick again while we were there, and spent most of her time under the fog of two humidifiers.
Little Miss came down with the funk too, spending most of her trip in a fowl mood and freaking out about anything and everything.
I'm pretty sure Little Miss made it her mission to give me the nastiness too, because after coughing on me every, single chance she got it finally hunted me down and took me out too.
And now one week later, one Z-Pac later, and one round of steroids later- I'm still sick.
However, despite all the funk we were still able to hammer out a pretty good Spring Break.
Cookout included:


My neices lovingly fed each other marshmallows.  Aren't they sweet?

My mom and dad- they love each other so much and are such an awesome example of love to us kids!  I love them so much!

Who likes their marshmallows well done?

Can you say - "pass me the antacids please?" "YUM"?.

How cute is my sweet, little niece?

After looking at all these pictures I came to the conclusion that our family desperately needs to work on our marshmallow cooking skills.

Would you like Burnt or Extra Burnt sir?

Marshmallows can make even the frumpiest of little, sick girls smile...

The Smelly Beast loves the country, but it was a little cold this trip so she spent a lot of her time at the door hoping that my parents would change their minds and let her in.

Fat chance Smelly- #keepdreamin...

My neice highjacked my camera and left her mark-


Despite the fact that 3 of us felt like poo not great- it was still a great time had by all!

I have my humidifier and will travel- so no worries- we're all good here.


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