One Month Later...Valentine's Day

So having a baby makes things crazy.
I've had all of these really great intentions of posting, yet here I am a whole month later and I'm just now getting around to it.
I know.
Anyhoo- Little Man is a mess.  His daddy told him that if he got a perfect weekly report from school he'd get a treat...
A basketball hoop for his bedroom door.
I'm happy to report that he's not just The Little Man, but he's the The Man!
He had a big time helping his daddy put it together...
I honestly can't get over how nice it is!  It looks like a real goal- only smaller.  Crazytown!
He's been driving me bonkers with the loud sounds of dunking and with the entire house rattling and shaking ever since.  However, if it means he's being a rockstar at school...
I'll take it.


Here's the sweet card the Hubster made me for Valentine's day.  So cute and sweet.

We made cookies.  Apparently I lost my heart shape cookie cutter so instead I had to use my biscuit cutter.  It worked.

They were decorated lovingly and beautifully...

The weather has been going from super cold to super wonderful.  So we took advantage of a super nice day and headed to the park.  Some of our sweet friends joined us...

What a bunch of goobers!

And of course no playground experience is the same without some fairy wings.

What a sweet little fairy!  I love her!

So I took the baby to the doctor today and she has RSV.  It stands for "Really Stressful Virus".  She can hardly breath and she keeps coughing and she has all this nasty mucous stuff.  My heart is breaking for her.
I'm off to change a diaper and suck some snot. 
Have a Super Day!

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