The Summer of Awesome...

So I've officially declared Summer 2016 the summer of the following things:

-Summer of Sharing the Gospel

-Summer of Reading

-Summer of Creating

-Summer of Getting Healthy and Fit

I know.  It's been declared probably too many things, but I couldn't narrow it down to just one.  It seemed to me like all of my choices held their own level of importance.  Some more than others obviously.

The plan to Share the Gospel is simple.  Like Nike always says- "Just do it."  If I'm out and about start conversations, hand out tracts, basically just get the word out that "God is Awesome and Jesus Saves".  I plan to enlist the help of my children.  I mean don't you think we would have more missional/evangelical minded people in the world if we trained up our children doing it from a young age?  Get relational with my neighbors and invite them to church, vbs, or just over for dinner and games, and some gospel talk.  Mainly the point here is to be more purposeful- make it happen.  People need to know that all have sinned, and that all have fallen short, and that Jesus filled the gap and died for any and all who believe.  But how can they know if we don't tell them?  So Summer of Sharing the Gospel 2016 is all about telling people.

The plan for Reading is to aim for at least 30 minutes of reading a day.  This of course will be separate from my bible reading.  This plan also will include my children.  We have a pool membership this summer so the plan will be to swim in the morning and to come back in the afternoon for resting/nap/reading time.  Our local library and Barnes and Noble has a great reading program for children that awards prizes when they meet their reading goals.  If your kids are anything like mine- prizes are a big help!

Here's where I'm at with my reading list so far:

Women of the Word- I'm really excited about this one.  I've already started it and it's super good so far...

Glimpses of Grace- is about seeing God's grace even in the little day to day tasks like changing diapers and washing dishes.

The Pastor's Wife-  I know this may not be relative to many of you, but I'm super excited about this one!

Fierce Women-  Using our fierce strengths to encourage and inspire our husbands.

Desperate-  Encouragement, help, and answers for moms.

Disciplines of a Godly Woman-  I'm almost finished with this one and it's amazing!  We could all use a call to be more purposeful and disciplined as we walk in our faith.  I'd call it a very practical look at Sanctification. Every Christian woman should read this book.

Family Driven Faith-  Raising our children to walk with God.

-Seeing and Savoring Jesus Christ- by John Piper
-Mere Christianity- by CS Lewis
-The Case For Christ and The Case For Faith- by Lee Strobel (they have a simpler/shorter versions of these for youth that my 11 year old is reading.)
-Fifty Reasons Why Jesus Came to Die- by John Piper
-The Reason for God- by Timothy Keller
-The Meaning of Marriage- by Timothy Keller
-The Next Story- by Tim Challies
-The Missionary Call- by M. David Sills
-The Holiness of God- by Sproul
-The Knowlege of the Holy- by A.W. Tozer
-The Cost of Discipleship- by Dietrich Bonhoeffer
-Anne of Green Gables- by L.M. Montgomery
-Pride and Prejudice- by Jane Austen
-The Scarlet Letter- by Nathaniel Hawthorne
-The Secret Garden- by Frances Hodgson Burnett

My kids and I also enjoy it when I read aloud to them.  So I will be reading children's books to them as well throughout the summer.  If that interests you here are a few that my children and I would highly recommend (I asked them):

-Doctor Dolittle
-Robin Hood
-The Bronze Bow- (a must read!)
-The Bridge to Terabithia
-Old Yeller
-Mrs Frisby and the Rats of Nimh
-The Tale of Despereaux

Summer of Creating is pretty self explanatory- My creating of choice will be sewing.  I love to sew, but sometimes my life doesn't always allow for me to prioritize it, but this summer it's happening.

Summer of Getting Healthy and Fit- feels more complicated and right now feels like it will require the most discipline. I'm getting a membership to a gym and plan to start working out with free weights and doing cardio with a friend this week.  I'll tell you more about the diet side of it when I figure it out.  Ugh.

Anyhoo...That's what's happening around here.  If you'd like to join in the fun on any or all of the summer happenings you can find me on Instagram @thepurplecladjewel - Just tag me or use any of the following hashtags:


Happy Summer of Awesome Friends!



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