Let's try this one more time...


I've not been very dedicated to it in the past.

How are so many others able to keep them up?  Do they have super powers that I'm unaware of?

Some days I can't even find the time to brush my hair- so blogging isn't usually real high on my list of must do's.

But I want it to be.

The truth is I a have this desire to write, to create, to put my thoughts to paper.  I want to tell you (whoever you may be), all the many things that I feel God is laying on my heart- about faith, hope, joy, family, ministry, serving, and life.  I want to be real and I want to share where my heart is, and what God is doing in my life.

God is big and he's awesome and I want to make him known.  I'm not eloquent.  I'm not even a good writer. What I am is a wife to a pastor, mother, friend, daughter, sister, and most importantly a child of God.  And I need a place to write about all that my God is doing...

So what better place to start than here...On my little, neglected blog.

So stay tuned...


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