School Is In Session...

So School is officially in session here in the Land of Helder.

Three weeks in and I'm just now getting around to a First day of School picture post.

At this point in my life it's just a miracle that I'm finding time to do it before they're married.

Kane is a Big 6th grader.
Ruthie girl is a 3rd grader.
Ellie is starting some pre-school stuff.
And the Henry-man is crawling around eating stuff off the floor and pulling-  Every. Single. Thing. off of -Every. Single. Shelf. in the house.

It's going great!

There's always a few bumps getting started but I think it's finally all worked out and we are now well on our way to a fabulous school year.

Ruthie Loves: Chic-Fil-A Sandwiches (I mean who doesn't?), having friends over, gymnastics, playing house, and movies.

Kane-man loves: video games, having friends over, reading, pizza, and going to his Aunt Tori's house.


Her desk all ready to go...

His desk all set up in his bedroom this year...

Daddy pics!

Ellie Loves: Bathing suits, marshmallows, swimming (she learned this summer), playing with her sissy, and pizza.

If you're curious what a day in the life of a homeschooler looks like- here it is- Our Giant wall of School work...

Hope Everyone is doing great and your school years are all starting off with a great, big, awesome Bang!!!


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