Bathing Suit Wearing, Naps, The Letter B, and Library Things...

We have been busy, busy around here.  Not a "oh my goodness- we have no time for anything" type of busy, but a taking care of kids, doing school, the big kids made a swim team, Ellie's doing pre-school, serving at the church, exercising, studying our bibles, teaching Sunday School, discipling our children- kind of busy.

Anyhoo, things are running along pretty smoothly.  Babies are finally on sleeping schedules- both are finally sleeping through the night- and I feel like a new woman just having a full, uninterrupted night of sleep-
BAM- New. Woman.

Ellie, as always, is totally a rock star and continues to be sweet, kind, and the Queen of silliness.

I took her on a little date the other day and had to stop by the Post Office.  While there she was eating a box of raisins.  The lady behind us in line asked her if she knew where raisins came from.

She said, "Yeah.  This box."

I'm mean really?.  That. Kid.

The kind lady then proceeded to explain to her that yes, while her raisins did come out of that box, they originally started life as grapes.  That made her laugh.

She basically refuses to wear anything other than a swimsuit these days, and being the "totally on top of things" mother that I am- I totally let her.  Dentist. Library. Home. Grocery Store.  She's shown them all that bathing suit wearing has no season.  We've even had a few friends give us some hand-me-down ones just so she can change it up a bit.

I found her asleep like this the other day.  I wish my other kids were so dedicated to their studies.

Henry- Just because he's so cute...

On our date we headed to the Library for Story Time...

They hear a story and make a craft...

She's so fun.

This past week she was learning the letter B in school.  So we totally traced her Big Brother and then she decorated him...

It was so fun she insisted on decorating herself...

That's what's been going on.  Hope everyone has a great day and week!

Happy Monday!


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